Some of our Wordpress Expertise

  • Installation of themes.
  • Changing theme layout.
  • Achieving a unique theme consistency.
  • WordPress themes Design and Implementation.
  • Customizing themes.
  • Creating and managing custom contact forms.
  • Include responsive and enhanced background images.
  • Fixing all bugs and transfer to a new host account.
  • Editing header and footer.
  • Fine tuning the mobile version of the website.
  • Expert in all multipurpuse theme link Bridge theme, Awada theme,DIVI theme,etc.
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Our Key Features

Geeks Per Hour Money Back Guarantee


Geeks Per Hour offers highly affordable hourly packages ranging from $5.99 to $9.99 per hour.

Geeks Per Hour Money Back Guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee

We guarantee you that we will provide you a perfect fit for your job. If not satisfied with the purchase, we will gladly refund your money.

Geeks Per Hour Time Saving

Time Saving

Instead of spending hours interviewing right Wordpress freelancer like on other sites, you just post a job/project.

Geeks Per Hour Back Up Developer

Backup Developer

At no extra cost, we also assign a backup Wordpress developer for all jobs posted on Geeks Per Hour.

Geeks Per Hour Technical Support

Best Talent 24/7

Geeks Per Hour has gone through the rigourous process of finding and interviewing the Wordpress talent to ensure you get the access to best talent 24/7.

Geeks Per Hour Daily Updates

Daily Updates

Each Wordpress developer ensures that you get updates on progress every day. Thus ensuring fast execution and quick completion.

Geeks Per Hour Standard Coding

Standard Coding

All Wordpress developers at Geeks Per Hour follow standard coding practices in order to maintain professional naming convention, code structure, file structure etc.

Geeks Per Hour Business Growth

Business Growth

Having not to worry about finding right talent is a big business edge that Geeks Per Hour has provided to many web development companies.


We interview Wordpress developers for you. So you do not have to go through long list of proposals and spend time interviewing.

What Geeks Per Hour Happy Clients Say?

"Outstanding job once again. Geeks per hour have fantastic communication skills and they get their work done very efficiently. Very nice work!!."

James H. - California, US

Owner - Sports Website

"They do great job and are an excellent communicator. I continue to use them."

Mike J. - Kansas City, Kansas US

Owner of Web Development Company

"Work was done as agreed and at the budget that was quoted to us. I plan to work with this team again. Thank you for providing me work that has even impressed my toughest client."

Jeff D. - Miami City, Florida, US

Owner - Web Design Company

98% of our clients are web design/development company.